We need solid information to make decisions and take the appropriate steps to grow business Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software used to store, organize, and visualize data. Excel can accommodate business needs to turn data into actionable insights Ms. Excel will help a lot in Accounting & Financial Reporting.

Every financial analyst spends more time in Excel, Dashboards, Macros, VBA than they may care to admit. #Power-BI (It aims to provide interactive visualizations).

Excel is capable of calculating, analyzing, and storing all company data including but not limited to:
        • Sales and revenue
        • Commission
        • Sales tax
        • Deductions
        • Tax computation
        • Timesheets
        • Budget vs Actual Reports
        • Finance modeling
        • Filtering and sorting data to identify trends
        • Measuring growth or decline of key performance indicators (KPIs)
        • Planning and keeping budgets
        • Financial modeling
        • Summarizing and tracking data
        • Visualizing data in graphs, charts, and tables

Advanced Excel use includes: –

          • Interactive and dynamic charts
          • Excel macro development for automation
          • Excel functions and templates
          • Pivot tables and reporting
          • VLOOKUP, Hookup formulas
          • XLookups
          • Flexible Reports and Dashboards
          • Slicers,  Dashboards

Power BI: is a Data analytics & visualization software. It is one of the most popular and powerful ways to work with complex business data turn to actionable Insights Based on Accurate Data.  And to create & publish reports in the cloud and data stories from your data sets. You can make highly interactive, engaging, and powerful reports, dashboards, or visuals with Power BI. You can connect to any data (Excel files, SQL database) Power BI has now become a leader in the BI & Analytics space with its unique cloud sharing offering.

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